The word Post it.

Posted On December 18, 2018 By admin

When people shout out loud to post it here, very often they would put up a sign and labelled it as post it here.

Post it here would refer to posting your notes, notices and advertisement on the board. Post it is a common language that could be easily be misunderstood.

Some thought it is post it pad. While post it is so often used as post it pad, the same goes with print it. Instead of using print it on this printer, print it sticky notes came to the minds of user. Post it and Print it have been used interchangeably.

Some would use the word stick it here or paste it here. Commonly misunderstood: post it as posting a letter. While others use post it as post-it pad instead of post it on a sign board. What is Post it pad? Post it pads are popular customized stationery. It can also be blank post it pads retailing in stationery shops. Whenever we use the word post it, remember to differentiate between post it pad or post it here.