Stick it Notes


Stick it notes were originally known as sticky memo pads. Thereafter, Stick it notes rebrand itself to be known as Print-it Sticky Memo Pad.  Stick it notes can be customized with logo printing. Stick it notes has become one of the most popular promotional products. Marketing personnel use stick it notes as a marketing tool and promotional gift. Stick it notes are also used for tradeshows, conventions, training sessions, school related events and giveaways. You can organize and emphasize all your important information with Stick it notes. Stick it notes are one of the most useful items in any office and office. Whether you need to write down a quick reminder or phone number, custom stick it notes are extremely useful to have on hand. Stick it notes also provide us with a place to write down our thoughts. There are so many variety in the usages of stick it notes.  Promotional stick it notes or Print-it Sticky Memo Pad help your brand information to stick around. We have customized die cut stick it notes in the shape of animals, vehicles, mascots, basic shapes, logos, office items and a ton more. We have promotional stick it notes that comes in many colors.  We also have custom stick it notes in various sizes stretching from standard sizes to customized sizes.