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Using a customized calendar may help with big-picture planning and organization because it’s easy to see all your appointments at a glance. Many people prefer the tangible feeling of paper. For instance, 92 percent of college students prefer to read print books versus reading on a digital device.

Furthermore, whether you love minimalist, elegant, or cute desk calendars, your customized calendar becomes as unique as you are once you put pen to paper. Personalize it exactly how you want and don’t be afraid to transform it into an efficient, artistic extension of your brain. Once you have your desk calendar, stock up on different highlighters, sticky notes, and colorful pens.

Long live the desk calendar

Digital devices aren’t going anywhere. Chances are you use some sort of online desk calendar, and you may want to continue doing so. But don’t throw away your desk calendar just yet. Many people use both a paper planning system and an online desk calendar because each offers different benefits. Writing down appointments helps you remember them better, gives you an opportunity to step away from screens, lends itself to big-picture planning and organizing, and offers a myriad of personalization options. Moreover, putting pen to paper may help you stay calmer and more focused.

1. Customized Calendars are meaningful gifts

Desk Calendars or Personalized calendars are meaningful and appreciated. They’re not another direct-mailer stuffed in your customers’ mailboxes or a pushy sales call; in fact, they’re products people pay good money for. When you print calendars to give to your audience, you’re creating gifts they can enjoy.

2. Customized Calendars are useful

Everyone uses personalized calendars or desk calendars to keep track of important dates and events; and because customized calendars are useful, your customers will put them on display. Many will reference them daily, exposing them to your company every day of the year.

3. Customized Calendars are relevant

A well-designed customized calendar helps you connect with customers. Your desk calendars shouldn’t simply showcase your products and services; they should feature attractive images and illustrations depicting shares interests with your customer base that are also relevant to your business.

For example, a mechanic might print desk calendars that feature hot rods; or, a veterinarian might print calendars featuring cute pets. The idea is to lend a sense of solidarity by designing desk calendars with a theme your customers will appreciate.

4. Customized Calendars offer excellent branding

Because they’re often referenced daily (and sometimes even more), desk calendars are exceptional branding tools. Your customers should see your business name and logo every time they look at your desk calendars, so you’re the first company that comes to mind when they need what you sell.

5. Customized Calendars promote your business year-round

Not only are customized calendars exceptional branding tools, they present opportunities for year-round marketing. Think ahead to offer exclusive seasonal sales, coupons, and coupon codes at strategic times throughout the year.

6. Customized Calendars are conversation pieces

A great customized calendar design is meant to be shared, and when your customers proudly display your desk calendars they’ll become conversation pieces. Thus, your desk calendars will reach your customers plus their peers and colleagues – and word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind.

7. Customized Calendars can be interactive

Consider printing stickers representing birthdays, holidays, and special event dates to go with your calendars. Families can have fun placing the stickers on the appropriate dates, making them interactive pieces that further your branding efforts.

In addition, you can include QR codes that lead to your website, social media pages, or online videos; or even incorporate virtual reality so customers can learn more about your products and services via their smartphones and tablets.

8. Customized Calendars let you be an early bird marketer

Many companies don’t think about desk calendar marketing until late November or December, but you can get a head start by issuing customized calendars early with 18-month calendar printing. You can distribute your desk calendars in June, and they’ll be good through December of the following year, helping you beat competitors to the punch and ensuring yours are the first customized calendars adorning your customers’ walls.

9. Customized Calendars establish trust

A good customized calendar is the complete package, a presentation that represents your business and your relationships with your customers. High-quality photos and illustrations, plus premium desk calendar printing, exude professionalism; and that means customers will trust you when it’s time to buy.

10. Customized Calendars are easy to distribute

You can send desk calendars to a targeted audience via direct-mail, hand them to customers at your shop, visit your customers with desk calendars in-hand, and place them in strategic locations such as restaurants, grocery stores, and other public areas (with permission, of course).

11. Customized Calendars allow you to share costs

If you’re printing a lot of desk calendars, you might consider partnering with a non-competing company that serves the same audience base. In this manner, you can cut your investment in half yet double your distribution – all you have to do is share half the desk calendar space with your partner.

12. You can insert other marketing materials in customized calendars

Business cards, brochures, magnets, posters, and flyers can all easily be delivered with calendars, increasing the number of marketing materials your customers have on-hand, exposing them to more in-depth information about your company, and influencing more follow-up calls and visits.

13. Customized Calendars allow for targeted marketing

By targeting your audiences, you can maximize your desk calendar return on investment and minimize your investment. Send calendars to a well-defined mailing list, hand them out to only your best customers, and place them in strategic locations your customers frequent.

14. Customized Calendars let you highlight your own events

Do you have special sales days? Participate in community festivals? Host a customer appreciation event? You can print all these on your desk calendars to draw attention to your own events throughout the year.

15. Customized Calendars can feature customer stories

Make your desk calendars more interesting by featuring customer stories and case studies, which also work to establish trust and influence your recipients to call on you when they’re ready to buy.

16. Customized Calendars can include reminders and checklists

Help your customers get what they need – before they know they need it. A mechanic might incorporate a automotive checklist, for example, while a veterinarian might add a pet check-up schedule. Such features are useful to customers, and they keep them coming back for more on a regular schedule.

17. Customized Calendars can be printed for walls and desks

Consider where your target audience is most likely to place their desk calendars, then print table calendars or wall calendars or both.

18. Customized Calendars can also be fridge magnets

Customized calendar magnets make handy reference pieces that can feature sports schedules, school schedules, important local phone numbers, service directories, and more – all viewed each time your customers go to the refrigerator.

19. Customized Calendars are super cheap

The initial investment required to print desk calendars might seem greater than some other marketing materials, but consider the cost-per-view. Let’s say you print 1,000 wall calendars at a cost of $2,500. If 1,000 people reference your calendar 365 days per year, that’s 365,000 views at a cost of less than one penny per view! Not even digital marketing can compete with that.

20. Customized Calendars deliver excellent return on investment

Since desk calendars are so cheap, they deliver outstanding return on investment. All it takes are a few sales to profit from desk calendar marketing – and if you print a compelling personalized calendar and deliver it to a well-targeted audience, it will yield plenty of sales.