Personalized Post it notes are commonly used language

Posted On December 19, 2018 By admin

Personalized Post it notes are commonly used language.Instead of using the word personalized sticky notes or personalized print it memo pads, they say personalized post it notes. Most of them are not even asking for post it brand. They are actually referring to re-positional glue on the sticky notes. It has been very misleading as they describe personalized post it notes instead of Print it memo pads or sticky notes or sticky pads.

Is there any difference between personalized post it notes or personalized print it memo pads? Well, I can only say it is just different branding. The function and usage is the same.

For easy understanding and familiarity of words, most marketing managers use personalized post it notes to ask for quotations. So for this, we will use this common language. However some use custom post it notes or promotional post it notes.

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Disclaimer: We do not represent personalized post it notes. Persoanlized post it notes is not our brand. Our brand is Print it Sticky Memo Pads or Print it Sticky Notes or Print it Sticky Pad.