Ideas for Creating Customized Desk Calendar

Posted On June 24, 2014 By admin

A customized desk calendar can greatly enhance the look of your home or office. You can use it to brighten the look of your desk or that of your loved ones. A personalized calendar on a desk with a photo of a special event for your business can be of great interest to your customers or clients. It will communicate important message to any customer or client who visits your office.

As such, if you want to have a customized calendar, consider the image that you have on it. Make sure that the image or photo in the calendar creates a message that your business can relate with. In addition, you can include the message in text format to communicate with your customers or clients.

Perhaps, you want a custom desk calendar in Singapore but you do not know where to start. Not to worry, just leave it to our desk calendar specialist. Our specialist have more than 30 years experiences in creating and designing unique customized desk calendar. All you need to do is  choose a calendar template. We have many calendar templates for you to choose. They are all specially designed desk calendar template which is attractive and easy to refer.

Once you have chosen the template that you find appealing, our creative team will start customizing and create a uniquely customized desk calendar  with your logo and pictures supplied by you. You can also highlight special dates with notes. You can also start the calendar on a month of your choice. All these are options that you have for customizing your calendar.

You can also add sticky notes to the customized desk calendar. It is made conveniently to tag your important dates or reminder on the desk calendar. Then you can mark special dates for your meetings in Singapore or abroad. The public holidays can also be customized according to desk calendar in Singapore or overseas.

We can give sticky notes as compliments and you can add this to the desk calendar. We offer good quality and well designed and customized desk calendar printing service in Singapore.

So talk to us today.