Common Types Of Singapore Printing Services

Posted On October 5, 2011 By admin

Singapore Printing Services Types

Printing today doesn’t just mean putting ink on paper. It could also mean ink on plastic, on rubber, or on textile. It has also become more accessible to the public. Not only do more households now have their own computer printers, printing technology also keeps on improving, making print jobs easier to do. Nevertheless, people keep on relying on print companies for different Singapore printing services that they can’t do on their own.

Common print service types include advertising and marketing tools, such as flyers, brochures, business cards, memo pads, newsletters, calendars, and paper bags. Most print companies also offer large format prints like banners, posters, and signs. But aside from the typical print products, what makes clients patronize a print company is the extra Singapore printing services it offers.

These added services seem little compared to the actual printing job, but in fact, they serve various important roles. Example of which include design creation. There are companies and individual clients that come to a printing firm without a logo design or graphic style ready. Instead of hiring a graphic artist to come up with their brand logo, they go directly to the print company and request for assistance in creating their design for an additional fee. Companies that offer this service usually have an in-house design team that specifically work on designing logos, labels, and even website layouts.

Numbering vouchers and tickets are also offered in print services, as well as collating, binding, cutting and folding, and scoring. These tasks organize the ordered products and complete the service, like collating and binding handbooks, folding brochures or pamphlets, and cutting business cards.

Ordering Singapore Printing Services

Print services used to feel exclusive to businesses since the minimum number of order requirement before was quite high and expensive for individuals. Fortunately today, printing jobs are made more accessible. From big companies and small businesses to students and freelancers, everyone can benefit from professional print job services.