Customized Desk calendar

Posted On May 21, 2019 By

During exhibitions you will be flooded with promotional material, given to you by a variety of business all hoping you will remember them. However, how many promotional pens do you actually need? And how many promotional leaflets and keyrings are you actually going to use? There has always been and always will be a demand […]

Don’t throw away your desktop calendar: The benefits of handwriting events and tasks.

Posted On May 13, 2019 By

Even with hundreds of available apps to help organize your life, a paper desktop calendar may be just what you need to stay on top of your work schedule. Desktop calendar are thriving in the digital age. Furthermore, desktop calendars may even be gaining some ground. Why are people sticking with or rediscovering paper? This […]


Posted On May 8, 2019 By

Using a customized calendar may help with big-picture planning and organization because it’s easy to see all your appointments at a glance. Many people prefer the tangible feeling of paper. For instance, 92 percent of college students prefer to read print books versus reading on a digital device. Furthermore, whether you love minimalist, elegant, or […]

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