Personalized Post it notes are commonly used language

Posted On December 19, 2018 By

Personalized Post it notes are commonly used language.Instead of using the word personalized sticky notes or personalized print it memo pads, they say personalized post it notes. Most of them are not even asking for post it brand. They are actually referring to re-positional glue on the sticky notes. It has been very misleading as […]

Corporate gifts

Posted On December 18, 2018 By

As a corporate gift supplier in Singapore, we have observed that corporate gift giving can be an understated, but it is an important part of your business strategy. Though it’s certainly not the only time of year when businesses give corporate gifts, the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’sDay are the most popular for giving […]

The word Post it.

Posted On December 18, 2018 By

When people shout out loud to post it here, very often they would put up a sign and labelled it as post it here. Post it here would refer to posting your notes, notices and advertisement on the board. Post it is a common language that could be easily be misunderstood. Some thought it is […]

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